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Well-being - PSHE

What makes you happy?

Miss Shepherd says

I'm happy when I go to bed early with a good book to read. Especially if it's raining outside and my cat is snuggled up with me!

►I'm happy when I'm with my class of lovely Year 2 children and we're all working hard!

This is a lovely book called ' 100 things that make me happy'

(Good for Foundation Stage children - but all years should enjoy it!)


Click below and make your own version to show things that make you happy.Discuss with your grown-up the things that make them happy too.

Amazing Australia

Today we are going to find out about another landmark in Sydney called the Sydney Harbour Bridge.It is the  largest steel arch bridge in the world.It opened in 1932 and the people who live in Sydney call it the Coathanger. 


Kids View: Sydney Harbour Bridge (Insider tips from local kids) Can you spot the Sydney Opera House too?

Would you dare climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge ? This is something I would love to do! What fantastic views from the top.

A powerpoint for Year 1 and 2. Read through with an adult and find out more facts. Year 1 and 2 make a fact sheet about the bridge. Make sure that you have a title , draw a picture and include at least 5 facts.

Two Sydney Harbour Bridge activities to choose from.

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