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Today's music lesson is all about an instrument called the harmonica.


Amazing Australia

We've had lots of rain this week so let's cheer ourselves up and find out about one of Australia's famous beaches in Sydney , Bondi Beach.

Some people think that it is one of the best beaches in the world but it does get very busy.

It is great for surfing!


What does the word Bondi mean?

See if you can find out.



I'd love to be on Bondi Beach!

Gives you a feel for Bondi Beach and surfing in the ocean. It is quite long so I'd watch for a few minutes and then stop unless you're dreaming of being by the sea!

Possible activities

1 - Design your own surfboard. Look at the designs below. Ask an adult to draw the outline of a surfboard then make your own design.

2 - Make a poster advertising Bondi Beach.

Make it eye catching and colourful.

Join in the Surf and Swim Yoga! Pretend you're on Bondi Beach!


  smiley Golden Time  smiley

Every Friday we have Golden time in school. We can choose what we would like to do , we do things like dressing up , playing a game , using the construction toys , colouring and sticking ,  relaxing in the reading corner and looking at books , playing with the animals etc.

Have your own Golden Time at home ! What will you do?

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