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Friday 22nd

Good Morning Year 3.  It's Mrs Brewster and here is the plan for today:



Today you need to pause the video to answer the dividing by 4 questions.  Some of you can stop after this.  Others will need to carry on further - see the instructions below by clicking on which Maths level you are working on.

Divide with remainders activity



First of all we are going to do our weekly spellings test. Click on the name of the adult who normally does your spellings to hear your test.

In English today I would like you to first of all watch this short video to introduce to the types of words we are thinking about and then watch my lesson below.

Below are your spellings to practise this week.  If you are not sure what any of the words mean make sure you find out!


Read your book or access one on Oxford Owl for 15 minutes please.



This week we are starting to think about some of the writing that is in the Bible. Click below to find out more.

Miracles of Jesus



This week it's the letter M and what that means in our SMART internet rules.  Watch the video and chose one of the challenges to complete.





The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me

And finally...

Tomorrow (23rd January) is National Handwriting day, which has been celebrated since 1977.  It is to celebrate all things related to the art of beautiful handwriting!  In this day and age where lots of communication is now carried out electronically it is a day to think about the value of pen and paper.

I wonder if you might be able to share an example of your lovely handwriting via SeeSaw? It could be a letter or note you have written, a list, or a copy of your favourite poem...anything which shows off your great writing.

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