Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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Monday 24/01




Today we are going to learn about Rivers and how they begin at the source and change, until they eventually reach the mouth of the River and the Sea.

Please begin by watching the video below...

Did you notice some new vocabulary linked to the river's course? Write down the following words and explain where they might be found and what they are...

  • source
  • small streams
  • soft soil
  • exposed and jagged rocks
  • steeper land
  • smoother stones
  • river force
  • tributary
  • meander
  • erosion
  • confluence
  • mouth


Now you know about some features of a river, lets explore some more. 

Look at the diagram below showing features of a river. Which ones have you not heard of before? What might they be? If you want to google some of the them and explore more that would be great. 


Draw your own River from source to Sea - label all the features you have learnt about. 

Keep your drawing and labelling neat and clear to read. 


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