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8th May 1945 - 8th May 2020



In 1945 it looked like this:

75 years later in 2020, during a period of lockdown, the amazing children of Year 5 have prepared for it like this:

Do you still want some things to do or things to make?

See below...

Have a wonderful VE Day celebration Year 5!

Please send me your pics.

Here is some music for you................

The Great Year 5 Lockdown Sleepover!

Tonight is the night that we are going to sleepover in our own homes!!

Below is the fun challenge set this week.....

This week we should have been in Aylmerton - having an amazing sleepover in a new place...

So... how about we plan to sleep one night in a new place.... in our own house!!!! 

Could we make a den or a tent in our room or another room?

Could we sleep in a spare room, a downstairs room, a brother or sister's room?

Could we sleep on an airbed, the sofa, the floor....?
Where could we make our bed for the night? Can we make it cosy, safe but new?


Yesterday you all filled in a questionnaire about your plans. Thank you there were 26 replies! laugh

Here is what you said.....

26 of you are sleeping over in your own house! Wooooo hooooo!

The places you are making your bed for the night are:

  • a spare room
  • the living room
  • a tent in the garden
  • a den in my room
  • the lounge
  • under the dining room table
  • the conservatory
  • a den behind the sofa
  • swapped with my sister
  • a tent inside
  • a pop up tent
  • our caravan on the drive


The snacks you are having:

  • sweets 17%
  • chocolate 17%
  • crisps 17%
  • something else 33% - oooh what are you having?
  • still thinking 17%

Sleepover Tongue Twister Game

Earlier this week many of you wrote tongue twisters. Here are some of them for you to try.... how fast can you say them? Maybe you could record yourself saying them and send me the audio file? (Can you remember how to do it?)



Simon saw a spooky sight, a spooky ship. The ship sailed at super speed when Simon screamed out loud.



Milky the mouse meanly moved Mason the mini meerkat into a mysterious cave full of monstrous melting mountains



Felicity found five fabulous foxes throwing fuchsia frisbees for the friendly fox queen.



Bella brought bright bouncy balls and bashful butterfly collection books.


Lewis TS:

Joe Joe juggled jam jars while jumping over Johnny.



Ron ran rapidly while writing about red running raccoons.



Dumb Danny dodging dangerous dogs.



Which witch wore a watch? Which watch did which witch wear?



Big Bob bought a big bottle down to the big bottle fair. Which big bottle did Big Bob bring?

Would You Rather? Game

Good fun to play with other family members or class friends you are chatting with online. Can you guess how each other might answer? How well do you know each other?

Click below for questions...


If you are happy to share a photo of your sleepover spot/camp/den then please do.


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