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Please read with your child for 20 minutes each day. This could be a story book which you read, a phonics book which they read or a mixture of the two.


Oxford Owl have a library of free books which can be read on a phone or tablet.


Follow the link below and sign up yourself. You can then access a variety of books which are age-appropriate. Start on age 3-4 (Oxford Level 1) and work your way through as your child gets more confident.



Today we start our revision of our learnt sounds. We will be doing this for the next couple of weeks to ensure that the children are confident and fluent with our learnt sounds before moving onto the next phase.


Please go to and login with the username ThythornEYFS and the password thythorn


First, click on Phase 2 and scroll down to the picture of a car; a game called Flashcards. We have learnt Phase 2 so far so click on this and practise recognising the sounds with your child. At the end, it will provide you with any sounds that they didn't recognise. Make a not of these and you can work on these sounds together if and when you have time outside of the school day.


Click on Phase 2 and scroll down to Pick a Picture.


We have only learnt Phase 2, Sets 1-5 so far so select this and encourage your child to read the words. They may need some support with sounds and that is fine.



On Thursdays we usually have PE with Mr Revan.


I have attached a Joe Wicks workout below but any form of exercise would be fantastic. You would go for a walk, play some ball games, complete a scavenger hunt. Anything to get moving and work those muscles.



PE With Joe 2021 | Monday 18th Jan



Today we are learning about how Jesus and God love everybody and that children are very special to them.


Watch the video below and talk about the story.


Talk about things that you love and that are special to your child and your family.


Create a collage of all a heart and them draw pictures or write words to represent everything that your child loves around the outside.

Let the Little Children Come I New Testament Stories I for Children's | Holy Tales Bible Stories

►Topic and Maths


Today we are combining our work in topic and maths. 


We are going to talk about the shapes which make up a penguin.


Look at the picture of the penguin below and talk about the shapes that you can see. There may be some shapes which don't look like we are used to (for example, the triangles may not be equilateral.) Then recreate a picture of a penguin using only shapes that you have learnt.


Blue challenge: complete the cutting activity below which is made up of various shapes. Make sure that you talk about which shapes you are cutting out and why those shapes are appropriate for each body part.


Green challengelook at the photo below of shape penguins as inspiration for your child's own shape penguin. You could either draw they shapes for them to cut our or use toy shapes that you have at how to stencil or draw around.


Purple challenge: use 3d shape examples from your house to create a 3d penguin.

Green and Purple challenge - shape penguin examples

Story Time with Mrs Wills - The Very Hungry Caterpillar

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