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Please read with your child for 20 minutes each day. This could be a story book which you read, a phonics book which they read or a mixture of the two.


Oxford Owl have a library of free books which can be read on a phone or tablet.


Follow the link below and sign up yourself. You can then access a variety of books which are age-appropriate. Start on age 3-4 (Oxford Level 1) and work your way through as your child gets more confident.

Pedro the Penguin | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!



Today we are going to be practising our handwriting.


Based on what you have seen of your child's handwriting in recent weeks, select some letters that you believe that they need to practice further. Write the cursive formations on lined paper in felt tip at first and then encourage your child to trace over them. Then ask your child to form each of the selected letters ten times each.


Blue challenge: give your child 5 words to segment which contain any combination of the practised sounds. These should be of 3 letters that we have learnt so that you child is able to write them independently.


Green and purple challenge: Practice writing some words and then some sentences which include these practised sounds as well as some of our learnt sight words.



Today we will be reading a story about penguins in the Antarctic. Watch the video below of the story and then complete the following activities.


  • Talk about the key points in the story and the events. I have attached a picture sequencing activity below to support with this, should you want to use it.
  • Create a picture of a penguin in the Antarctic. There are picture instructions below that provide a step-by-step guide of how to draw a penguin. Encourage your child to follow the instructions independently and then discuss what they could draw in the background to make it a complete picture.

The Runaway Iceberg



Encourage your child to change for today's PE lesson independently.


Join in with the yoga workout below and then talk about the learning that your child had completed this week.


What do they think they did well?


What do they think would be good to practise a little bit more in order to be more confident?



Today we are learning about the number 8. 


Watch the Numberblocks video below with your child and talk about what they notice throughout.


We are going to be completing some subtraction questions today using the number 8. This is something that we have done before in class so this is a nice opportunity to practise the skills and become more confident.


Blue challenge: use blocks or toys to answer the following questions. Write down the problems for your child and read them together. Then ask your child to count out the first number and take the the second number away. The answer is how many the is left. If they become confident, allow them to complete the rest of the problems independently, using the blocks to help.


8-1 =

8-3 = 

8-5 =

8-4 = 


8-0 =


Green challenge: write the following subtraction problems down and talk through the first one together. Ask your child what they think the best way to find the answer is. They may suggest finding blocks or drawing pictures, or something different. Any idea is fine as they are using their reasoning. Check if their approach is correct together. Once they are confident, allow them to experiment to find the answers to the rest of the questions independently. They can then talk through their answers with you.


8-1 = 

8-3 =

8-5 = 

8-4 = 

8-7 = 

8-0 = 


Purple challenge: provide your child to complete subtraction questions up to 20, subtracting numbers of single digits. They should find their own way of completing the questions and then talk to you about their approach once they have finished.

Number 8

Enjoy this Numbertime to collate your child's understanding of the number 8. Talk about the images and the representations with your child as the video plays. Feel free to pause it if you wish.

►Assembly with Mr Smyton

Have a lovely weekend, EYFS. You have worked so hard this week and we are so proud of you!


Please find below a list of resources that you will need for our Topic lesson on Monday; we will be doing a science experiment!


Stay safe and have a well-earned rest.


Mrs Wills laugh

►Resources for Monday


Next week, we will be continuing our work around the North and South Pole.


We will be conducting an experiment around melting ice and you will bee the following resources to complete it.


  • some pre-frozen ice
  • salt
  • sugar
  • a source of heat (a hairdryer or similar)

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