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Tuesday 24th March 2020

TUESDAY 24.03.2020

Dear Pupils and Parents

I hope your first day at home went well. Please feel free to contact me, ask questions, photos, share your daily news like a diary entry with me.


NOW PRESS PLAY free access from home - see which activities you fancy trying:                     Password: nowpressplay


Great news for readers - I spoke to you on Thursday and Friday about making use of the apps Audible and Kindle to access reading books - Audible have announced this weekend that they have released hundreds of free books - have a search, see what looks appealing - choose one for your end of the day class reader book. Hopefully some of our termly texts will be on there too. Explore here:


Some nice ideas from Tim Peake and Scouts for any day of the week!

Explore learning in your own back yard


Wow! Well done to Y6 home learners who have really taken off with Prodigy! I knew you'd like it.

Day 1 and 12 pupils have already accessed it!


Congratulations to Renoir, Ryan and Jessica - amazing achievements already with Gold, Silver and Bronze award respectively. Level 40 Renoir!  I am also pleased with the accuracy: Katie, Josh Sm and Amy with only 1 or 2 errors in total - amazing, well done to you all.


Start the day with a wake-up, shake-up with Joe Wicks PE all week - a great way to start the day; oxygenating your blood, brain and body - keep active without going outside and mixing with others!


NEWS JUST IN-OUT SHAKE IT ALL ABOUT! : David Walliams - reading aloud a book a day!



Then, log in to Spelling Shed and explore! Select your year group and then 1 out of the 4 levels - build towards 'extreme' unless you are a super speller. Or try Spelling Frame (select Y5/6, spelling pattern you wish to practise and then select 'practice test' - work your way through the 5 tasks for each word as shown in class on Friday - if you weren't in school I am sure you will soon work it out.  


Today's assembly and reflection about the moral of the story shared is: - in your exercise book, in your Home Learning Folder, I would like you to write about your 'true wealth' - with the current worries about health, what are the most important things to you?


To fit in with our target of 'including a quote to support your thinking and answer' I would like you to provide an example of something of true wealth to you and then justify your answer/s. Ask someone at home what they consider to be of true wealth and write using direct speech - reporting back to me with a supporting quote and speech marks/inverted commas,  and then another idea from them using indirect speech - informing me in narrative. If unsure, look in your large blue CGP study book where you will find examples of direct and indirect speech to give you an example.


Complete one of the 4 Reading Comprehension tasks circled in your CGP book. You can choose.


After a break, a snack and some fresh air if possible, I would like you to access a new reading book - whether it is an Audible free book, a Kindle book if you/your family have an account, an e-book on Oxford University Press as previously linked below, or one of your own from home. I would like you to read for 30 minutes and then in your green exercise book write the title and: clarify 4 new word definitions; write 4 suitable questions to ask an audience; write a prediction about one of the characters - something you think may happen later in the text - justify your reasons for thinking this, and then write a summary for the section you have just read. Try to use the 4 word definitions, you clarified earlier, in your writing if possible.


Today's RE learning question: "Why do people pray?" - comment thoughtfully on the value and purpose of sharing thoughts and concerns. How does sharing thoughts help us? How does listening to others help other people?

Please write your justified opinions on one side of A4 in your exercise book in your Home Learning Folder.

Then, compile a list/range of things you find helpful to calm your mind and thoughts. What changes do you notice in your mind and body?


Science and writing skills: Evolution and Inheritance: see attached task below.

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