Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Headteacher (DSL)

Assessment, Pupil Premium, Computing, LAC

Mr R Smyton

SENDCO/ Year 3 Teacher


Mrs S Brewster

Foundation Stage Leader

Parental Partnership, Drama

Mrs R Wills

Year 1 Teacher

Design & Technology

Miss E Martin

Year 2 Teacher


Miss M Shepherd

Year 3 Teacher (DSL)

Maths, PE, EVC

Mrs E Boyd

Year 4 Teacher

Art, MFL

Miss P Kaur

Year 5 Teacher

History, Geography

Mrs R Dunford

Year 6 Teacher (DSL)

English, PSHE, SRE, RE

Ms C Hadland
Nursery Nurse Mrs A Timson
Senior Teaching Assistant - KS2 Ms G Hall
Senior Teaching Assistant - KS1 Mrs C Archibald
Senior Teaching Assistant - KS1/ELSA  Mrs D Podgers
Teaching Assistant - KS2/ELSA Mrs D Muddimer
Teaching Assistant - KS2 Mrs K Ellul
Teaching Assistant - KS2 Mrs E Jones
Teaching Assistant - KS2 Miss Z Curtis
Learning Support Assistant - KS2 Mr J Adair
Learning Support Assistant - KS2 Mrs T Wiggins





Learning Support Assistant - KS2 Miss S Kelly
Learning Support Assistant - KS2 and PE Coach Mr W Hill
Learning Support Assistant - KS1 Mrs M Purewal
Learning Support Assistant - KS1 Mrs E Afanador
Learning Support Assistant - KS1 Miss A Logue
Learning Support Assistant - KS1 Mrs J Leebrook
Teaching Assistant - EYFS Mrs P Beattie
PE Coach Mr K Revan
Lunchtime Sports Coach Mr Marchington
Office Manager Mrs E Dean
Bursar Mrs V Cave
Administrative/Finance Assistant Miss L Hall
Premises Officer Mr G Kinally
Mid-Day Supervisor Year 5/Cleaner Mrs M Inglis
Cleaner Ms C Inglis
Mid-Day Supervisor Year 4 Mrs K Bevin
Mid-Day Supervisor EYFS Mrs M Brunger
Mid-day Supervisor Year 2 Mrs C Singleton
Mid-Day Supervisor Year 1 Mrs R Ruprah
Mid-Day Supervisor Year 6 Mrs L Wye
Mid-Day Supervisor Year 3/Cleaner Mrs G King
Kitchen Manager Mrs H Wright
Kitchen Assistant Ms J Winter

School Updates