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Friday 3rd April - Last day of the Spring Term.

Good Morning Lovely Year 2s!

Who is that sitting in my chair?

Let's start the day with a song to put us in a good mood! Join in with the moves!

Read through the powerpoint about suffixes with a grown-up. You don't need to write anything, but discuss your answers with a grown-up. Click on the link below.

Yesterday you made words by using the suffix -ful . Today you are going to do the same but add the suffix -less to the root words. Read the words that you make and think about what they mean.

I've done the first one for you.

home --------> homeless














Now copy the sentences and decide which of the words you have made should go where the missing word is.

1. The big spider is __________.

2. The dinner was  ___________.

3. I cleaned the room so it was _____________.

4. I'm not scared , I'm ________________.

5. My  spelling was very _____________.



Today we are going to start learning about measuring using metres.

Watch the small video clips below to find out about metres.


1OO cm = 1m

1m = 100cm

1m is the same as 100cm

100cm is the same as 1m



1 - Units of Length - Metre

Mathematics learning video .

2. Measuring Length in Metres

If your grown-up has a tape measure in the house get them to show you how long a metre is.You can use the tape measure to help you. If you have not got a tape measure can your grown-up make something to represent the length of a metre. A piece of string , or a length of paper stuck together , anything to help you understand how long a metre is.


Use your metre to measure objects in your house and place them into groups . Record like below. Find at least 5 things for each group.


Can you answer these questions?


If 1m =   100 cm

2m =  _______   cm

3m =  _______    cm

6m =  _______   cm


100cm = 1 m

400cm = ____ m

500cm = ____ m


How many centimtres are in half a metre?


Choose a book from Oxford Owl.

Click on the link below.

Go to my class login.

class name - best

class password - class

Then go to the book shelf and choose a book to read.

MUSIC Time to listen to another part of Carnival Of The Animals with a lovely short animation to watch. This part is called The Aquarium . Talk about the instruments you can hear. Do you like this part of the music?


I think you have certainly earnt your Golden Time this week!

Easter Fun -If your grown-up has made you a hard boiled egg, you can decorate it or turn into a character by using felt tip pens and sticking bits and bobs on to it. There are a couple of ideas below.

Don't worry if you haven't got an egg ready , this is something you could do over the Easter holidays.

Other ideas for Golden Time.

Make an obstacle course in the garden.

Make up a puppet show with some of your toys.

Use a construction kit like lego.

Make a den using blankets over a table and get a torch to play with in your den.

Relax and watch a TV programme.

Go on Purple Mash (see details on class page)





Today's Riddle


Riddle - What has a bottom at the top?


Answer - Your legs!

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