Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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Today we are concluding our learning around polar bears and the Arctic Circle by learning about where snow comes from.


Watch the video below and then talk to the children about everything they remember about our learning the last two weeks.


Record on a piece of sugar paper to share with Mrs Wills next week.

Where Do Snowflakes Come From?

Frozen | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!



Today we are playing a writing game.


Go to and login using the username ThythornEYFS and the password thythorn (no capital letter on the password.)


Go to Resources and then scroll down to Space Race. 


Select Phase 2.


The game will say a word and then ask the children to segment the word and write it quickly on their board and hide it from other children. Ask the children to show their boards when everyone has finished. Repeat with as many words as you have time for.



Today we are looking at how to measure things using cubes.


Have a tray of cubes ready and some small items to measure. 


Sit the children in a circle and model how to measure the items by making a tower of cubes. When the tower is complete, model counting the cubes and saying "The ______ is ____ cubes long."


Keep the cubes and prepare some more items as we will have this out as the maths activity for Monday.

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