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Foundation Stage , Year 1 and Year 2


This week our music programme is all about an instrument called the tuba.

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Purple Mash

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Don't worry if it logs you on as a Year 2

Weekly/daily activities reminder for those children who would like some extra things to do (tasks for all ages)

If you go on the home page you will see on the right hand side that it says 'Featured' Scroll down to weekly activities and choose the correct age group. Here you will find a range of tasks for the children to have a go at , from comprehension activities,maths,grammar and topic activities. Choose a week and then you can work through each day for that week. Great for those children who would like extra things to do! 

Kangaroo or koala design - suitable for foundation stage children

Go to Home

On the second row click on art.

Look at paint projects

Click on animals (picture of a bird)

Then you can choose a koala or a kangaroo to design.

Amazing Australia.

Today we are going to find out about a well known Australian animal, the kangaroo.

Watch the short videos and look at the activities to choose from.


Year 2         (Year 1 you can do this also,  if you would like) 

Everyday you are going to take a page in your exercise book and make a fact file about the animal of the day. You need to have a title , a picture of the animal with some labels and at least 5 facts. You could use bullet points for each fact or write it as a paragraph of writing. 

You could include the animal's habitat , what it looks like , what it eats , what animal group it belongs to, what its baby are like etc.

Look below to see how to draw a kangaroo and the labels that you could use.

Did you know that a baby kangaroo is called a joey? Look how small it is when it is newborn!

Fact sheet that may help you with your writing Year 1 and 2

Kangaroo life cycle poster to have a look at.

Cool facts about Kangaroos - for Kids!

Eastern Gray Kangaroo | Amazing Animals

Use the steps to draw your own kangaroo picture. You can label it too.

Can you make a kangaroo with a pouch for a joey? Look at these examples.

Marsupial Sue - a singing story about a knagaroo called Sue. There are other Australian animals in the story too.

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