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Monday 20th April 2020

Welcome back Year 6 - I hope you all had a lovely Easter, even if it was spent in a very different way to previous years.



So, to warm us back up and get us school-shape/home-learner-shape once again, launching into the Summer Term, let us start with some SPELLING PRACTICE; practising the Year 5/6 'ance/ancy' and 'ent' plus 'ence/ency' spelling patterns:–ant–ance–ancy–ent–ence–ency-1-of-2



Today, the moral of the story may be how we feel at the start of the day but by 3:05pm we will have become much wiser and realised that in order to make progress, move forward and succeed in life, we have to put in a little work of own first. How about seeing if you can plant some seeds this week - what can you nurture, care for and watch grow? Hopefully it will be something useful; something to eat or to gift to someone else so they can benefit or appreciate it. At least I did not make you dig holes in the desert! wink


For HANDWRITING practice I would like you to choose a paragraph from your current reading book and practise your flow and joins by writing one line in your usual style, then the next line in slanted italics - complete this pattern to the end of the chosen paragraph. Which looks the neatest? How could you alter and improve your current style? Choose one thing to alter/adapt/improve from this point forward.

Choose a different writing pen/pencil, can you write your name backwards?

Check it with a mirror - does it read correctly?


For MATHS this week and next you will need a protractor - if you took your maths pack home you should have one in there. If not, try to get one the next time you go to the shops for your essential shop - quite often they are in supermarkets in the stationary section e.g. Helix Maths Set.


We will be looking at angles and using prior knowledge from previous year groups where you have learnt about the names of angles, angle facts and ways to estimate approximately what an angle could be. e.g. a right angle is X, so half of a right angle is ? A straight line is XXX degrees, so half of that is XX and half of that again is XX. A right angle plus a straight line is  XXX and so on.


Remember the most important things to remember about handling a protractor are: accuracy, lining up one of the zero lines, lining up the intersection, the + in the centre of the protractor and then being certain about which zero you are reading the angle from.


It may be tricky but you might be able to put the protractor up against the screen but before you do that discuss with an adult what angle you think is shown. Then discuss with them the angles it CANNOT be, because knowing what it isn't (and being able to justify it) is almost as important as knowing what the actual angle is. Most of the activities are discussion based, then you need to draw examples of the angles you have just been learning about e.g. acute, obtuse. Now what were the others called ?


See the slideshow below for the maths discussion questions and tasks.


If you are struggling to find a protractor have a go at one of the tasks in your CGP Maths book/s instead. 

FLASHBACK with MATHS: rounding numbers.

Click on the film clips and activities to revisit, rehearse and revise all about rounding numbers.

HOLES - chapters 1-3 reading comprehension

Holes - questions for chapters 1-3


Click on the film clips and activities to remind you all about nouns; expanded noun phrases and pronouns, then complete the activity sheet at the bottom of the page in the link - write in your exercise book given in your home learning folder, or print off the worksheet. Then begin the writing task below - try to include a variety of nouns and expanded descriptive noun phrases that bring your writing alive in the reader's mind.


Writing Explosion - a short, sharp, skilful burst of writing

PE can involve dance moves too - practise the steps shown here and then adapt to your favourite track - get the whole family involved:

Can't Stop the Feeling - Music Express choreography

2nd grade for Spring Concert Words and Music by JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, MAX MARTIN and SHELLBACK Arranged by ROGER EMERSON

COMPUTING - today, have a go at building a 3D maze game. For instructions on how to get started click the green triangle on the film clip in the top right hand corner and watch the example. You can make your maze as simple or as complicated as you like, building up the routes within your maze as well as adding additional 'baddies' and coins:



To Be A Cat - Matt Haig .... you might find various readings of the book on YouTube for free.

Well done for completing your first day back after the Easter holiday laugh

For your end of the day reader, find somewhere quiet with as few distractions as possible, get yourself comfy and either read a book of your choice or choose an e-book from one of the links previously given to you - here's one of them again:


6th Grade Ninja or The Reluctant Dragon sound appealing to me!

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