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Friday 12th




Well done you have almost made it to Half Term! This is what we are doing today...



Today we are revisiting some of the tricky money questions which we looked at last Friday.  Work through my lesson and complete the questions as you go along.  There is then a question or two for you to have a go at answering by yourself.



First of all complete your spelling test below and send in your scores.  Good luck!

This week we are looking at adding the suffix -ly to words.  Watch the Oak Academy lesson to learn about the rules for adding -ly.  Stop the lesson when you have 2 minutes and 40 seconds left  - you do not need to look at the section on the 10 spelling words.  Then complete the task below the video.
You have two weeks to practise these spellings:



Please try to find a quiet spot and enjoy reading a book for 15 minutes.



In our last lesson for this unit we are learning about another parable that Jesus shared with his followers and is recorded in the Bible:



It's our final lesson on SMART internet rules.  There are two video lessons.  One about the letter 'T' and an extra one about being SMART with a heart heart.






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