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Monday 6th July

Good morning Year 3 and 4, I hope you had a nice weekend? As this is the last week of the year, we will try to make it as fun as possible and give you a chance to reflect back on this year and very much look forward to next year! laugh

Here is today's timetable:-

CLASS:  3 and 4  

Mrs Boyd

WEEK BEGINNING:  06/07/20   Mon



PE – with Joe Wicks

English/topic – watch Newsround and submit q’s

Maths – see own yr gp section


 Reading time (15mins)

 Design you own family shield



PE With Joe

yesENGLISH/TOPIC - This week we will keep up to date with the news and you will be given a chance to think about things happening in the world. 

enlightenedPlease watch the newsround video (below) about how people are thinking about the NHS (National Health Service) and how they have helped care for our health for the past 72 years! 

enlightenedOnce you have watched that part of newsround follow this link and read about the NHS - what it is and why people celebrated it...

enlightenedOnce you have gathered an understanding about the NHS and why it is important, write down 3 facts about the NHS and 3 questions you have about the NHS service. 




CREATIVE TIME - Although we have finished the Tudor topic we will look at one more Tudor feature that you can tie in with your own life! 

enlightenedLook at the powerpoint that explains all about TUDOR FAMILY SHIELDS....


enlightenedTASK - 

You are going to design your own coat of arms. It can represent your family or just yourself. You will need to draw your own outline like the one below. 

Remember to include all the elements of a coat of arms and consider the following:

•the colours

You may need to do more research into the meaning of different emblems and figures.





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