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Rain sticks or rain makers

A rain stick is a long, hollow tube partially filled with small pebbles or beans. Around the inside there are pins or nails so that when the tube is turned around, the beans fall and make the sound of rain .Rain sticks are usually made from dried cactus, reeds, or bamboo. It is believed that they were used by indigenous farming tribes in dry climates with the hopes of calling for rain for their crop. Some of  rain sticks are painted with Australian Aboriginal patterns.

Listen to a rainstick

Making a rainstick or rainmaker

On Monday I explained that later in the week we would make our own rainsticks and told you the things that you would need.


Click here for the instructions to make your own rainmaker. You will need a grown up to help you.

Decorate your rainstick. Here are some examples.


PURPLE  MASH- we use this in school in our computer lessons.

Click on the link below to go on to Purple Mash.

Login details

username -children2


Don't worry if you are in year 1 or EYFS and it logs you as year 2. This doesn't matter.



Today we are going to compose our own music.

Go to home and scroll down to the bottom and click on music and sound.

Then click on 2explore.

First of all listen to the sounds by clicking on the pictures.

Then click on the red circle to record.

Click on the pictures in the order you want to hear the sounds. You don't need to use them all and you could make a pattern. 

Then click on the green  triangle to play back.

Use the slider to slow it down or speed it up.

If you click on the menu icon in the top left  , 3 lines you can then choose different instruments.

The little green arrow in the top right corner is a little help video that explains the programme much better than me!!!




Storytime . Big Rain Coming by Katrina Germein . Maybe they needed a rainstick?

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