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Fri 5/6


Hello Year 5 and Year 6.... happy Friday!

Fantastic work yesterday - thank you so much for your emails and pictures laugh

Have a look below at Liam and Jakub juggling!

Yesterday's brainteaser brought lots of answers....including 26 correct ones..."What has hands but can't clap?"... the answer was a clock! Well done to Albion for the first correct answer and to everyone else who guessed correctly. Special mention to Daniel who gave another clever answer...a scarecrow!


► 9.30am SPECIAL ASSEMBLY - NSPCC - Live on Facebook

NSPCC Speak out Stay safe assemblies have taken place in more than 90% of all primary schools across the UK, giving children the knowledge they need to stay safe from harm and to speak out if they're worried. Today they are hosting a virtual Speak out Stay safe assembly alongside some special guests.

Ant and Dec, David Walliams and the Minister for Children and Families, Vicky Ford MP, from the Department for Education, will be joining to help make the assembly a success.

The content of the assembly is aimed at children aged 7-11 years old and will focus on anxiety, including the worries that children are facing right now, why they may feel anxious or worried and ways they can be supported.

The assembly will be shared on the NSPCC Facebook page from 9:30am

Wake up your mind and body by working out with Joe Wicks live at 9am or workout later in the day. Click below...
Here is a different kind of workout - try it to revise some skills...Inverted Commas Mash-up! Click below..
If you find your Year Group page a little challenging then take a Step or Two Back.
► ENGLISH - reading comprehension
Today's reading comprehension is on the theme of deforestation in the rain forests. There are three levels of challenge with Challenge Level 3 being the most complex. Choose which one suits you best.
► TOPIC - flower power

We've been learning about plants this week so let's finish with some amazing art!

First there are some drawings you can try.... I would love to see any you do laugh

Now let's get REALLY CREATIVE .... time to get the Skittles out!

Can you create some cool flower designs?
Please email me your pics.


Listening to someone read a story is a great way to relax and unwind.
We are lucky that, at the moment, we have some fantastic stories being read by famous people and excellent story-tellers that are wonderful to enjoy.

Choose a story from below to listen to. Choose somewhere to relax and enjoy it.

David Walliams is sharing his stories and they are funny...

Ancient Greek Myths: Yesterday I shared two Ancient Greek myths with you. Here are two more Ancient Greek myths to listen to:
Audio Library: Fancy something different? Visit our audio library where you can listen to a *HUGE VARIETY* of books and stories! Find somewhere below and then choose a story to listen to.
yes SPELLINGS - practise your spelling list that you made on Monday
yes COMPUTING - did you complete the computer challenge on Tuesday? Click here to access it.
yes BOOK COVER CHALLENGE - Let's all rise to the challenge and make our book cover.....come on, give it a go...Year 5 and Year 6! Email me your pics.

yes TIMES TABLES - still secure? Remember TTRockstars!

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