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WED 20/5


Register challenge: Ooooooh I really tested you this time laughlaugh. Well done - 10 correct answers and another 8 very close! So the clue was: a 'really powerful blue steam engine with a smiley face'. guessed Thomas (the tank engine) but NO... I said last name.... can you link Thomas with 'really powerful'?.....Thomas-Strong. Congratulations to Jakub who was first correct!

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This week is 'Mental Health Awareness Week'

We all understand how eating healthily and exercising is important to keep our bodies healthy but what about our minds?

There are a lot of things happening at the moment that are different to normal and some of these things might be on your mind. You might feel a little different to normal, worried or anxious. You might feel a little confused or frustrated. These are not 'nice' feelings sometimes, but they are normal... everybody can feel this way from time to time.

Watch this video....

Today we are going to do things a little differently.

We are going to look after our mental health smiley

Below are a number of ways in which you can do this. Have a look - what would be good for you? What might help you feel a bit brighter? Your choice, your day laugh

? Talk to Someone

Talking is the best way to offload what is on your mind. You could:

  • Write an email to someone in the class you have not chatted to for ages. It could be a child or one of the grown-ups. Send it to me and I will pass it on to them laugh
  • Record a voice message for someone in the class or the whole class. Email it to me and I will pass it on. laugh
  • Write a letter - a good old fashioned letter - or make a card - for a family member you have not seen for ages and send it to them.
  • Send me an email and say 'Hey Mr Smyton could you ring me up?' and I will and we can have a chat on the phone laugh
  • Tell a 'worry box' something that is on your mind. Here is a link to click to go to our 'Virtual Worry Box' - you do not need to include your name or any details about you - just use it to get something off your mind. It is safe and secure and no one will share it.
  • Write a letter to your own grown-ups to tell them something that is on your mind. Pop it on their bed for them to read at a quiet time.
? Create Something

Does creating help you to relax or switch off?

  • Paint, draw, build, model....
  • Write a story, a song, a poem...
  • Create a dance, gymnastic or sports routine or game
  • Create music on Purple Mash
  • Cook, bake
  • Make a 'worry box' for home
  • Make again something from our last 7 weeks of home learning that you enjoyed
  • Do that jigsaw or lego kit that you've always been meaning to
  • Make a poster or picture or message to hold up when it is our Zoom Party. laugh

? Catch Up

Are there things from our home learning that you want to do but have not fitted in yet? Sometimes if we feel 'behind' it can not feel very nice.

  • Re-create a Book Cover?

See the video on Monday and look at this one just in from Charlotte

  • Music on Purple Mash? - log in as Y5 and listen to some your friends have created
  • Camouflage yourself

Look at these examples... can you spot the hidden class members?

Can you spot Lois camouflaged?

Can you spot Jakub camouflaged?

Can you spot Amelia camouflaged?

  • Funny Bones? - check the video out on the Y5 page - see last Thurs
  • Sugar Skulls? - check the video out on the Y5 page - see last Fri
  • Rube Goldberg Machines? - check the video out on the Y5 page
  • Maths or writing or spelling or Science?

Here is Lois's food chain:


? I feel better if...
  • I tidy my room
  • I play in the garden
  • I go for a walk or bike ride
  • I contact my friends
  • I have another look at our Lock-down List and try something new

? Now Mr Smyton that is a cool idea...

Sometimes we can feel better if we take control instead of following someone else's ideas...

  • Would you like to plan a lesson or an activity for Year 5 to do? You could take charge for one activity or one day. Plan your lesson - find pictures or videos if they help. Put your thoughts down and send them to me. I will feature your lesson on one of our days!
? Stay Kind

The focus of this year's Mental Health Week is 'Be kind'.

It is amazing how being kind to someone can make both you and them feel good.

You are such lovely kind people who always support each other, say kind things to each other (the lovely emails I receive from you where you say such kind things about each other's work shows this).

Why not

  • Do a random act of kindness. Just for no reason at all plan and do something really kind for someone - a family member, a friend, a neighbour...
? Look Forward

Having things to look forward to can help us feel motivated and excited..

  • It is Zoom Party Friday this week - do you want to dress up, choose some music, have the stage to talk to the class, got a good joke etc? Email me and let me know if you are planning anything and if you need my help to make it happen.
? Looking for the David Walliam's story or Joe Wicks...

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