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1. Spellings

Our spellings for this week.

Practise them everyday , ready for a test on Friday.


These ones are the trickier ones from the Year 1 list

school     where        friend        were  


These ones are from the Year 2 list

many     sure      sugar     whole     hour    climb 

2. Alphabetical order

Watch the video and make sure that you know the alphabet.

Alphabet Song | BBC Super Movers

Today we are going to remind ourselves on how to put words into alphabetical order. By looking at the first letter , the word whose first letter appears earlier in the alphabet comes first in alphabetical order.


a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z 


example -      mouse     lion      ant


In alphabetical order it is-        ant      lion    mouse



Click here for the alphabetical order work. Put each set of animals into alphabetical order. You can do this in your exercise book. You can check your answers on the last sheet.

3.Reading comprehension

Read the the chunk of text and then answer the questions below it.

You can record your answers in your exercise book and don't need to print the sheet off.

Click below for the reading comprehension activity.

Don't forget to learn the poem off by heart and let me know if you can recite it!

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