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Foundation Stage , Year 1 and Year 2.

Challenge time

How long does it take you?

Ask a grown-up to time you and see how long it takes you to do these.

Make a table so that you can record your times. (Year 2 you should try and draw your own table, use your ruler to help and the lines in your book)

It took me 15 seconds to find something red, my son's t-shirt on his bedroom floor!







10 jumps



Write your name three  times



Find something red



Sing happy birthday



Draw a house



Clap and count to 20



Name 10 animals



Find something soft



Say the names of 6 colours



Draw a circle , triangle and square


Amazing Australia

Today we are learning about a different animal that can be found in Australia, the koala.

Below are a couple of videos to watch about koalas and a koala song.

Then there are some different koala activities to choose from.


Year 2         (Year 1 you can do this also,  if you would like) 

Everyday you are going to take a page in your exercise book and make a fact file about the animal of the day. You need to have a title , a picture of the animal with some labels and at least 5 facts. You could use bullet points for each fact or write it as a paragraph of writing. 

You could include the animal's habitat , what it looks like , what it eats , what animal group it belongs to, what its baby are like etc.

Look below to see how to draw a koala and the labels that you could use.



All About Koalas.

Cool Koala Facts!

Koala Song


Koala art and craft ideas

Make an origami koala face

Origami is the art of paper folding , making something from a flat piece of paper with no cutting or gluing!

Click on the link to see how to make a koala face , ou will need an adult to help you.

(probably more suitable for the older children)


These don't have to be printed.

You could ask a grown-up do draw the outline of a koala and create a pattern like the one on the colouring sheet and then colour it in to make a colcourful koala.

You can use the life cycle pictures to draw your own life cycle , or ask an adult to draw pictures for you to cut and stick in the correct order.

It's story time, a story about how the koala got its stumpy tail!

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