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WED 24th



Today we are learning the new sound 'ee'.


Watch the video below and then complete then go to and click on English Games. Scroll down to Forest Phonics. Select the 'ee' sound and ask your child to listen to the words and then spell them using the sound tiles.

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /ee/ sound



Today we are learning about pairs.


Watched the video below and then separate 10 pairs of socks for your child to then sort into pairs.


Ask them to place the pairs in a line and then explain ask how many socks are in 1 pair.


Ask how many are in 2 pairs and 3 pairs and encourage them to count each sock.


Continue until you get to all 10 pairs.

What are Pairs?



Today we are learning about the difference between Asian and African Elephants.


Watch the video below and then create a list of similarities and differences together.


Ask your child to draw a picture of an elephant using the instruction sheet below to support their list.

African vs. Asian Elephants | David Rives

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