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Thursday 23rd April


Good Morning Year 2! Today is St. George's Day. Watch the short video to find out about the story of St.George. St. is short for the word saint.

Saint George and the Dragon




Have a go at today's maths starter.


Then click on the star to check your answers.


Main maths lessons

Today we are going to have a go at another online maths lesson. This is the next lesson continued on from yesterday.

This lesson is about right angles which we have not learnt about yet so do not worry if you can't do the quiz part. Remember to click on next activity after the quiz so that you can join in with the lesson.

Click on the link below to start.


Today we are going to start writing the story of Jack and the beanstalk in our own words. We are going to write the story over two days. So today try and write up to the part when Jack climbs the beanstalk and finds the castle. Do your best writing like you would do if you were in school in a writing lesson. Remember to make it interesting so that when somebody reads it they want to carry on reading!

1- Remember to look at your story map to help you with your ideas.

2 - It would be a good idea to get page 127 at your table as it has the Year 1 and 2 words on it. So try and spell these words correctly.

3- I have put the word mat from yesterday on this page  so you can also use that to help.

4 - Before you start check the list of things below  and try to include some of them in your writing. When we are in school we always go over these before we start writing.  

  • capital letters and full stops
  • finger spaces
  • other punctuation   ?   !   ,    '
  • conjunctions    and    but    so    because    when  or
  • adjectives -   describing words        The huge , enormous beanstalk
  • suffixes -    word endings      ly     ful    less    ed    ing   er   est
  • sentence starters - use different ones.
  •  sensible attempts at spelling words.
  • neat , careful handwriitng with some joins.


5 - Write the title and date at the top of the page and I have started you off, so you can copy this if you want to.

Thursday 23rd April

Jack and the beanstalk


Once upon a time there was a little boy called Jack . He.................




Over the next few weeks our art work is all about art and nature.

It might be that you do the practical part of this lesson at another time as you may need to collect some sticks but you can read the information and think about what you might need and plan your ideas. You could even draw a plan of your ideas. 

You can also use other things like string and sellotape. You will need an adult to support you with this task. 

Click below for the first lesson.


Art lesson - What ideas will you think of? Click below for the slides.

Time for our story.

Chapter 5 - James and the giant peach by Roald Dahl

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