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Good Morning Year 3! 

I hope your first day of home learning went well yesterday. Today we will being doing lots of great learning. You will notice I have added some videos of me teaching you, so it feels a bit more like being at school!

It's Children In Need Day today! Are you wearing something yellow?

Here is the timetable for today:- 



Mrs Boyd and Mrs Brewster

Friday 13th November


Spelling Test


4 Times Table practise

Maths – Multiplying by 2


English  - Much Ado About Nothing study


 Reading time (15mins)


focus - homophones

RE - Diwali






Recite the 4x table with me


Maths lesson - 2 times tables (PART 1)

Maths - PART 2


Over the past few days we have worked well exploring Shakespeare's 'Much Ado About Nothing' 

As a school our aim was to create a performance showing the play through role play, movement, mime and action. Now we are isolating it won't be possible to do this in the same way we wanted to. But we still want to try and put together a great class show that allows the story to be told and for an audience to enjoy. 

I need you to record yourself and take photos of certain parts of the play. We will do some today and some on next week. I will need those photos and short clips emailed to me. It might seem strange doing them on your own, but I can merge them with others from the class. 


  • Can you cut out your mask you created yesterday and hold it to your face 
  • For the 1st event - can you wave and look happy to the returning soldier and Claudio
  • For the 2nd event - can you cross your arms and turn sideways looking moody 
  • Also for the 2nd event - can you make a love shape with your hands and hold it to your chest
  • For the 3rd event - can you pretend to whisper in someone's ear 

Short Video:-

  • For the 4th event - can you pretend to have an idea and create the heart shape again with your hands and smile! 

I hope that is possible for Mums, Dads and carers to help out with! 

It will make a big difference if we can involve everyone even with just a part of it. 

I look forward to receiving your images. 


Time to read quietly for 15 minutes. If you need a book to read you can choose one from Oxford Owl, using the following link:- 

→ click on the 'my class login' pink tab 

type in user:- best

password:- class



We will now learn about spellings called 'homophones' some of the words we look at today will be in your new spelling list for next week. 

→ Watch the video on the BBC bitesize clip

→ Complete the activities below the clip


► RE 

Today we will be learning about the Hindu fesitival of Diwali.

→ Learn about Diwali and the story of Rama and Sita. 

→ create your own Rangoli pattern, using anything you like to create the pattern, even scrunched up paper in different colours is fine. Remember it needs to be symmetrical! 

→ Answer the questions I have written below the video.


Our last chapter of 'George's Marvellous Medicine' 

School Updates