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Wednesday 1st April 2020

Pinch Punch first day of the month and no return!

So as we enter April and continue with week 2 of home learning ...


Thank you to everyone who has already sent e-mails, photos of activities being carried out at home and also the work you are completing.  heart  It is great that the rest of Year 6 can see what you are up to even if they cannot meet up with you … keep sharing! yes


If any of you have forgotten your Times Table Rockstars and NumBots login please e-mail and I can send it to your parents.


To wake you up and shake you up get moving with Joe Wicks - get ready for the day ahead!

Click here:



Wednesday - 10 Maths Reasoning Questions Slideshow - pause for each question


Watch the slideshow tutorial Lesson 1 first, play it as many times as you need in order to get a good understanding. Explain to an adult what you think ratio means.

Click on activity 1 and complete the questions. Get your adult to check your answers.

Repeat for lesson 2.

You may find further explanations about ratio and some examples in the brown CGP study book.


In the times of Richard III crimes were often committed and the punishments were harsh. Although Holes is set in more modern times, Stanley Yelnats also had harsh punishments inflicted upon him.

Watch the film clip below and think about how Stanley must have felt, as well as John Smith in the clip - how does it feel to be accused of doing something you don't feel you have done?


Write about one such experience; where you have been accused of doing something you know you did not do. Ask an adult about a time from their childhood where someone (probably a sibling) got them into trouble and told on them; accusing them of something they just did not do... or maybe they got their brother, sister, cousin, school friend, into trouble and told on them; getting them into trouble - but the person had not really done anything. Write a recount of your own experience, and then write about your adults event.


Finally, what do you think it would be like to be punished and sent to prison as a child in Victorian times (or sent to Camp Green Lake if you prefer).

Use the film clip to help you describe your surroundings, your itchy clothing, the jobs of hard toil you were given to do, the loneliness and isolation.

Write in the style of a diary event. (Think carefully about the date!).

Write in as much detail as possible using emotive language and all 5 of your senses to describe the long and hard day.

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