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Good Morning Year 3!

Thank you so much for all the fabulous photos and mini videos for our play! I know we aren't in school, but you and your parents are making such great efforts! I have had more photos from girls than boys - come on boys - show me your photos! 

Here is our timetable for today:-



Mrs Boyd and Mrs Brewster

Monday 16th November


Reading time (15mins)

English  - Much Ado About Nothing study


Maths – Multiplying by 5



focus – using punctuation


ICT – Stage design for Much Ado

PSHE – intro anti-

bullying week




Start your day with 15 minutes reading of your book please. 


Last week's study of our Shakespeare play gave us a chance to create great photos that show parts of the play in freeze form. Thanks again for all the brilliant photos! 

We will continue with the same theme today. So I will list below the photos and video I would like for the events. Because I am asking quite a lot, you can do this over today and tomorrow. I would love to have the photos by Wednesday so I can pull them altogether. laugh

  • For the 5th event - can you hold one thumb up and one thumb down. You can smile or frown - you decide! 
  • For the 6th event can you create 2 photos - one of Claudio refusing to marry Hero - you could cross your arms. For the second photo - you are Hero fallen to the floor pretending to be dead! 
  • For the 7th event - I would like a short VIDEO of you as Benedick. Pretend to show love for Beatrice by hugging. Then nod your head and pretend to stab someone to show you will kill Claudio.
  • For the 8th event take a photo of Benedick challenging by creating this...

  • For the 9th event - pretend you are one of the men being arrested - show hands together like you have handcuffs.
  • For the final event - we need a great end photo collage - can you get a photo of you jumping for joy because the 2 couples get married? 





We have been focusing on creating sentences that:-

  • Have capital letters to start and for proper nouns (names/places). Some sentences have question marks or exclamation marks. 
  • Have commas to separate items listed or more than one adjective for a verb. 
  • Have commas to separate clauses in longer sentences. 

Look at the passage below, copy it out but change where the punctuation looks wrong or missing! 

I have added the correct version below too, you can check afterwards. 

► ICT 


This week is anti-bullying week and we are thinking more about that as a school. That doesn't mean we only think about it this week, but it is important to understand bullying more and different types of bullying. The following website gives a good guide and advice for young people.

Sometimes, bullies can have issues and personal problems that need dealing with. That doesn't mean what they say or do to hurt others in right, but can explain some of their behaviour. Watch the video from this link about Ariana. If you can, talk to an adult about what you think bullying can mean.

Following the video - can you think of 2 ways you can be unkind to someone and 2 ways you can be kind and caring. 

Can you join in with the following song?....

Lean on Me


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