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Today we are weaving, a technique which continues to be utilised by the Peruvian people to make traditional clothing.


I have attached a video of people in Peru making fabric by weaving.


Have a go at doing some weaving yourself at home. There are some examples of how you could do this on the links below.

Peru, weaving history - Chullo



Today we are thinking about missing number lines.


Start by writing the numbers 1-7 on pieces of paper and show them randomly to you child and see if they recognise them all. Then practise placing them in order.


Show your child the below number lines and ask which number is missing.


1, 2, 3, _, 5


2, 3, 4, _, 6


3, 4, 5, _, 7


5, 4, _, 2, 1, _


7, 6, 5, _, 3, _ 



Today we are learning the digraph 'ck'. 


A digraph is where two letters make one sound and we say "two letters, one sound, digraph."


Show you child the 'ck' sound and explain that it makes the same sound as 'c' and 'k' and we don't say both letters.


Encourage your child to practise writing the ck sound, joining the letters if possible.


Then go on and login using the username ThythornEYFS and the password thythorn and select Buried Treasure. Select the 'ck' sound and ask your child to sound out the letters themselves and blend them. Then ask them if it is a real or fake word.

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