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4th November



Please read with your child and record it in their reading diary.




Today we are learning about Diwali traditions.


Watch the video below and talk about the similarities and differences between Diwali traditions and things that you do at home to celebrate something special.


Then create some colourful Diwali artwork.


You could create a Rangoli pattern, design a henna hand or make a diva (I have attached a gluten-free salt dough recipe below which you could adapt to make a diva as well as an instructional video for designing it.)





My First Festivals: Diwali | CBeebies

Diya making for kids | Diya making ideas | DIY diya | how to make Diya | Diya making with clay easy



Today we are practising rhyming.


Use the pictures below and ask your child to match the rhyming pairs.


Read a rhyming book with your child and ask them to pick out the rhyming words.



Today we are clapping along to rhythms and moving to jazz music.


Listen to the track below and see what your child has to say about it. Ask them questions about the music; is it fast or slow? How does it make you feel? How does it make you want to move? Do you like it?


Enjoy listening to the music and having a good dance and discussion together.

Miles Davis - So What (Official Audio)

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