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Thurs 4/6

Shopping List: You may want to do an activity tomorrow that needs skittle sweets.

Certainly the most challenging brainteaser yet.

'What begins with an e, and ends with an e but has only one letter?'

A number of you guessed words like 'eye' and 'eve'.....these words do begin and end in e but have more than one letter.

This was a word play riddle.... the letter I was talking about was not an alphabet letter but a paper letter.

So the answer was envelopas this contains a letter!!!!!

Congratulations to Charlotte (with her sister's help) who was first of 8 correct answers!


Wake up your mind and body by working out with Joe Wicks live at 9am or workout later in the day. Click below...
Here is a different kind of workout - try it to revise some skills...Commas, Dashes, Brackets Mash-up! Click below..
If you find your Year Group page a little challenging then take a Step Back.
► ENGLISH - fronted adverbials


An adverb is simply a word that describes a verb (an action or a doing word).

They come before or after a verb.

  • He quickly ate his lunch.

  • He ate his lunch quickly.



Adverbials do the same job as adverbs. They are phrases instead of single words.

He ate his lunch as quick as a flash. - (notice this adverbial phrase is a simile)

They come before or after a verb.

  • As quick as a flash, he ate his lunch.

  • He ate his lunch as quick as a flash.


Fronted Adverbials

Fronted adverbials are adverbs or adverbial phrases that go at the beginning of a sentence and describe the verb (action) that follows.

In the blink of an eye, the storm clouds gathered!

There are different types of fronted adverbial that can be used to change the description of the action in a sentence. These include fronted adverbials of:

  • Time - In the early morning, the storm clouds gathered.
  • Frequency - Every evening, the storm clouds gathered.
  • Place - Above the castle, the storm clouds gathered.
  • Manner - As quick as a flash, the storm clouds gathered.
  • Degree - Terrifyingly, the storm clouds gathered.

Fronted adverbials are followed by a comma.

Watch the video below...

Now it's your turn to have a go at writing some sentences with fronted adverbials.

Click below and try and write a sentence for each picture. Each sentence must follow the challenge given. You can write the sentences in your exercise book.

► TOPIC - more about plants
We learnt yesterday about seed dispersal - that is, how plants send their seeds far and wide.
We created models of helicopter seeds and burr seeds. Thank you for your photos and videos. See some from Jakub, Lois and Lewis below:

We have learnt about how plants reproduce, how they are important as food for animals and how all food chains begin with a plant.

How would the world be different if plants (small or large) disappeared?

Plants are not only important food sources for animals (including humans) they are homes for animals and they produce the air that we breathe. Without plants the World would not survive.
Are plants and trees in danger from humans?

Watch the films below...

So, what could you do in your little bit of the World to help plants and animals?

Watch the films below for some things you could do...

► PE

Thursday is our PE Day.

Today I challenge you to learn to juggle.

You will need

  • two small balls or..
  • two balled up pairs of socks or...
  • two screwed up balls of paper...

What to do

Watch the video below. Have a go. If you succeed, film it and show me laugh



Listening to someone read a story is a great way to relax and unwind.
We are lucky that, at the moment, we have some fantastic stories being read by famous people and excellent story-tellers that are wonderful to enjoy.

Choose a story from below to listen to. Choose somewhere to relax and enjoy it.

David Walliams is sharing his stories and they are funny...

Ancient Greek Myths: Yesterday I shared two Ancient Greek myths with you. Here are two more Ancient Greek myths to listen to:
Audio Library: Fancy something different? Visit our audio library where you can listen to a *HUGE VARIETY* of books and stories! Find somewhere below and then choose a story to listen to.


yes SPELLINGS - practise your spelling list that you made on Monday

yes COMPUTING - did you complete the computer challenge on Tuesday? Click here to access it.

yes BOOK COVER CHALLENGE - Let's all rise to the challenge and make our book cover.....come on, give it a go...Year 5 and Year 6! Email me your pics.

yes TIMES TABLES - still secure? Remember TTRockstars!

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