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Year 5 – Thursday 7th January 2021

Morning starter



20 mins independent reading






Reading comp questions

Mental Maths warm up


Multiply 4 digits by 1.


Inventions – What would you invent?

Why, who will it benefit?

Stig of the Dump Chapter 2


Thursday Slide

Cave art drawings

Good Morning Year 5!

Thank you for the great cave/den pictures and collage pictures you sent me, some lovely interpretations.



We have got a great day of learning ahead of us.  Please remember to send me pictures of your work and if you have any questions please do get in touch with me.



Rollercoasters reading comprehension




► Mental starter

Multiply 4-digits by 1-digit

Blue level Maths-  Complete Q's 1-4

Green level Maths - Complete All Questions 

Purple level Maths - an extra challenge below after you have completed the main sheet

Purple challenge


Yesterday you wrote about the invention you felt changed the world or had the greatest impact on our lives.  Today I'd like you to put on your thinking and creative caps and write about something you would invent or, as explained in the video, what improvements/modifications you would make to an existing object.  

Your paragraph will be include why you have invented the object, who would benefit from it and what use it would have to you or the wider world. 

I would also like you to draw a diagram of your invention, label the materials used and the functioning parts.   

Mrs Dunford explains the task

Still image for this video





Blue grammar slide (1 step back)
Green and purple grammar slide 



For art this afternoon, we are going to recreate some cave drawings.  You will need some paper, a pencil and some coloured pencils.  If you have chalks or pastels that will add even more realistic details.  Below is a link to a youtube video.  The lady suggests using brown paper to draw on.  You may have some parcel paper or you could start by preparing an aged piece of paper using cold tea or coffee (like we have previously done in class), remember not to get the paper too wet!  Watch the video all the way through as it tells the story of the discovery of ancient drawings in a cave in France.  She then gives you step by step instructions on what to do.  Remember cave drawings told a story and were used almost like a diary to record the events of the day.  I have also attached below a couple pictures to help you with your images.  Include animals, weather, people and food.  Gook luck and I look forward to seeing your creations.

Cave Painting Art Lesson

This video includes a virtual tour of the cave of Lascaux, a story about how the cave was discovered, and directions on how to make your own cave painting!I...

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