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1st November



Please read with your child and record this in their reading diary.




This week we are continuing our topic of What a Wonderful World!


This week we are focussing on India and the Taj Mahal.


Watch the video below and talk to your child about what they have learnt.


Find India on a map and talk about similarities and differences between England (where we live) and India.


Then find a recipe to make some Indian food and work with your child, focussing on them following instructions and observing safe procedures.


I have provided a recipe below that you could use but feel free to get creative.

A peek into the heritage and culture of India | A simple introduction for young children



This week we are thinking about representing numbers in different ways.


Watch the Numberblocks video below and talk to your child about how the amounts are the same.


Provide your child with counters/cubes/Lego etc of amounts up to 5. 


Ask them to arrange them in different ways and photograph all of the ways that the can find for each amount and post them on Tapestry.





Today we are learning about the sound 't'.


Provide your child with items that begin with 't' and items that don't and ask them to sort them into piles.


Write the letter 't' on a piece  of paper and asked your child to trace it. Explain that we say 'down the tower, draw the steps and across the tower.'


Then ask your child to write it 10 times independently.

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