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Foundation Stage Maths and English


Today we are revising the or sound.

Mr Thorne Does Phonics - Episode OR

1- Segment the sounds and spell the or words.










Read the story with an adult and see how many or words you can find.


Today we are going to continue to look at pairs that make 10, using a whole part model. The children have used the whole part model in school so are familar with it.

Work through the PowerPoint with your child which uses the song Ten Green Bottles to consildate number pairs that make 10 and shows the whole part model for the different pairs.


Foundation stage - Number pairs that make 10

Draw a whole part model like the one below.

Activity 1 - In the top circle write 10. This is the whole.

Collect 10 objects, such as pasta bits , small toys , small stones etc.

Split the objects into 2 groups and put on each part (the bottom circles)

Repeat this , each time putting different amounts in each part to make the different pairs that make 10.

Encourage your child to say _________ and ___________ make 10.

You can also write the addition sentences.

Activity 2 - make dot cards for the numbers 0 to 10.

Like this , see below.

Put a card in one part and see if your child can find its partner to make 10.

Count the dots to help.

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