Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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Tuesday 14.9.21

Morning work:


Today we are going to be looking at the 'oi' digraph in our lesson today. Please watch the Geraldine giraffe video below and join in if you can. After the video, you could go on a hunt around your house for 'oi' sounds in objects.

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /oi/


This week in English we are going to be looking at instructions and what they are used for. Look at the below presentation and discuss with your grown up how to make a jam sandwich using instructions.

Writing Instructions- Year 1

This week in Literacy the children will be writing instructions. The video explains what an instruction is and gives some examples.


In Maths today we are going to be consolidating our knowledge all about representing objects to 10. Please watch the video below and have a go at the worksheet on paper.

Represent numbers to 10

Smartest giant in town after lunchtime story


Today in our PHSE learning we are going to be discussing why it's good that we are all different and like different things. Talk to the adults/other children in your house about the things you like and dislike. Are any the same? Are any different? Remember it's our differences that make us unique and special and that we all get along although we are different.


Today we are goingt to explore where London is within the United Kingdom. Please look through the presentation and discuss the answers with you grown up. There are also some true/fasle cards for you to look at below.

School Updates