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Thursday 25th June

Good Morning Everyone! Another lovely day ahead! 

Want another riddle? Here we go...

What has legs but doesn't walk?

You'll find the solution at the bottom of the page!

Here is our timetable for Thursday...

CLASS:  3  & 4

Mrs Boyd and Mrs Brewster

WEEK BEGINNING:  22/06/20             Thursday

 Home Learning SUMMER TERM

8.40 – 9.00

9.00 - 9.30

9.30 – 10.30

10.30 -10.50

10.50 - 12

12– 1

1.00 – 2.50


English  skills – choose a page from your CGP book


PE – final full day to do the Virtual challenges

English/topic – reading The Tempest


Maths – follow your own yr gp star for work


 Reading time (15mins)

 Times tables –

TT rockstars

ICT – coding practise


♦ English skills - using either your 10 minute English workout books or your grammar book (CGP books)  - choose a page to complete and mark once it is finished. yes

PE - Please complete any more of the Summer Virtual challenge. Remember you choose 1 from each category. This is the last FULL day, then you have last chance tomorrow morning, submit by 1pm Friday. All the details are in the link below....

If you have completed them you could do some Yoga disco with Jamie (Mrs Boyd likes this one!)

Cosmic Kids Yoga DANCE PARTY!

ENGLISH - Today you will read the final pages of Shakespeare's play 'THE TEMPEST' and write a review about the play. 

enlightenedRead the final pages

enlightenedTalk with an adult or think about in your own head what has happened to each character in the end. 

enlightenedWhat do you think about this story? Would it be interesting to watch as a play on the stage at The Globe theatre? Why? 

enlightenedComplete the review below (no need to print it, just use the titles and rewrite them yourself on paper. 

enlightenedIllustrate your review of The Tempest. 


READING TIME - 15mins of quiet reading time please

TT Rockstars time! - practise your times tables using TT rockstars. 

Please email or phone if you have lost your login and password, it is important everyone practises their times tables daily.

ICT - today we will spend some time practising 'coding' on Purple Mash. Spend about 30 mins if you can on coding. 

Depending on your level of coding, you decide which coding game to play from '2code' 

mail go to 'tools' 

mail '2code'

mail any game from 'chimp' or if you want harder 'gibbon' 

Riddle solution: a table!

Story time - Danny and Dad in the woods...

School Updates