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WEEK 1/3

Year 1 Zoom meetings scheduled for this week.

The link for each Zoom meeting will be put on Seesaw on the day of the meeting.


Tuesday 2nd March  at 11am - 11.45am

Unfortunately there will not be a zoom meeting for Year 1 on Tuesday morning as I am having to attend a training course and I can not be in two places at once. However, I am available via email and SEESAW all day for you to send me lots of questions, pictures, videos and updates of your fabulous work! 



Thursday 4th March at  10 - 10.45am

As today is World Book Day, this will be a reading focused meeting, come along and share your reading book with me and your friends. This will be a group session where I will let you in and you can listen to eachother read and take it in turns to read to me and show me how amazing your reading is now! I can't wait to hear your fabulous reading! It does not have to be your school reading book you read, it could be your favourite story you have at home. I will even read to you a story (or 2) if we have time. 

World book day 4th March 2021




This year, our whole school event for World Book Day is going to be 'The Masked Reader' - to follow simply along the lines of the TV programme The Masked Singer (if you haven't see this, there's an example at the bottom of the page).


For this event, the children can dress up and disguise themselves in whatever way they wish and wear a mask. Any kind of costume, any kind of mask - the idea is to disguise themselves. Ideally, I would like it to be a short story - a childhood favourite text or favourite author, but it could be a poem or rhyme etc - especially for reluctant readers, as there is less to read.


So how does this work? 

1) The children provide one clue about themselves - nothing too obvious that would give their identity away.

2) They then record themselves reading at home, out at the park, wherever they wish, with video if possible so that their audience can guess their identity to better effect.

3) They provide another clue about themselves after their recording.

4)They then upload their recording onto Seesaw.


If you have seen the TV show you will know the format of how this works, but if not watch this video clip from a celebrity of the latest series.


The winner will be decided the following week after the classes have all watced the videos and tried to guess who the masked reader is. The winner from each year group will receive a gift card.


So all that's left for me to say is.....WHO'S THAT BEHIND THE MASK! 

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