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Hi Year 4! 

Yesterday you received your logins to Seesaw 

(let me know if you didn't).

I am looking forward to seeing all your work, lesson by lesson, shared with me on Seesaw! Please use it to send me messages and ask questions too.


Hint: Today's lesson is going to need some Seesaw sharing too wink



Friday 22nd January 

Miss Kaur's Friday Morning Message!

Hi Year 4, click on the play button to hear me!



Miss Kaur discusses today's pobble task!

Click on the link for a bit of extra help on your pobble task

Pebble task



Divide 2-digits by 1-digit

♦BLUE - Need extra help?

Click on the video below for help from me (Miss Kaur)  😊

Miss Kaur goes through the questions

Still image for this video

♦PURPLE - Challenge Question/Mini extension 

Click on the link below for the extension task questions. 

Miss Kaur goes through the answers for the extension questions

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Spelling test with Miss Kaur

Still image for this video
Use this video to test yourself on this week’s spellings. But if I’m going too fast, remember you can press pause!


New Spellings - Test 29th January 

Words ending ‘ture’















Today you will be recording your news report! 

You will need a device you can record on (ideally the one linked to your seesaw) and then you will send it to me! 




You can practice and record a few times 


I know you'll do great! laugh

How to upload your video to seesaw

Still image for this video
This is a little help video for those of you who are uncertain of how to put it on seesaw



Tomorrow, Saturday 23rd January is National Handwriting Day. 


Examples of handwriting over time... 



The History of National Handwriting Day began inn 1977, as educators began to feel that the art of handwriting was beginning to disappear as a skill, this has become a greater feeling due to the introduction of the type writer, word processing and digital devices. 


So with this in mind, I would like to ask you to write HANDWRITTEN letter to a friend or relative mail

Things you can include; 

  • Greeting 

  • How are you feeling

  • What has been happening lately/since you last saw them 

  • Is there anything that you would like to share with them

  • What would you like to know from them

  • Well wishes and goodbye (ask for a letter in return?) 



Class Read - Part 11

So now it all makes sense! The strange message to Dani....





Labelling Egypt

Click on the Video to find out about today's lesson on Egypt

Photos to help today's task

Next part of Geography

Miss Kaur talks through what she would like you to do next...

How the Nile changed over time


►ELSA - Friendly Friday 

ELSA - Friendly Friday

Adventures of Ty

I hope your weekend is as relaxing as Ty looks in this picture! 

School Updates