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Amazing Australia

In our English lessons today we read the Aboriginal story called The Rainbow serpent. You can make your own rainbow serpent. Follow the instructions below. You don't need to use paints , felt tip pens or pencil crayons can be used. You might need an adult to draw the shape for you.

How to make a twirly rainbow serpent craft

Today we are going to find out about another landmark in Australia called The Blue Mountains. Can you see where they are on the map of Australia?

The Blue Mountains are an area of very high ground west of Sydney mainly made of sandstone rock. There are steep cliffs, forests , waterfalls and even some villages in the area.

Why are they called The Blue Mountains?

There are lots of Eucalyptus trees which release tiny droplets of oil in the sun. This makes a haze which looks blue from a long way. From Sydney the area looks blue.

Watch the short video below and see if you can see  The Three Sisters.

These are three rocks sticking out. At 11pm every night they are floodlit.

Blue Mountains, Australia Nature

Read about The Blue Mountains

Task ( Year 1 and 2)- make a fact sheet about The Blue Mountains.

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