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Monday 8th March

Please send your learning to Miss Shepherd on Seesaw.

Thank you.smiley



Start your day with some exercise, this will help you get ready for your home learning today.

Join in with the Harry Potter yoga session.


1 - Make sure you spend 15 minutes reading a book today.

2 - Complete the reading task below.

Click on the link below , read the text carefully and answer the questions.


In the main part of our lessons his week we are recapping on some of the addition and subtraction work from the first term.


1 - Starter - Click the link and play 'Whack a Mole' to help you practise counting in different steps. Use the yellow slider which says 'steps of' and choose 2 , 5 , 10 and 3. You have to whack the moles by clicking on them in the correct order. So if you are counting in 2s you start with 2 then 4 etc. Don't worry if you miss one another one will appear.

2 - Main lesson - Watch the teaching video and complete the worksheet.


Today we are going to start a sequence of English lessons from the Oak National Academy.

Today is lesson 1.

You will need a pencil and paper and be ready to join in with the lesson as it goes along.

Click the link below.


You are going to use Letterjoin  today.

The link is below.

Here are the login details


Username          tfps_2

Password          thythorn2


You will need lined paper and a pencil.

1 - Have a go at some of the patterns to get warmed up. You need to click on the word patterns.

2 - Choose Easy letters and practise 5 of each one then have a go at some of the Easy words.


Remember if you choose FUN there are lots of other things you can have a go at!


Last week we found out about Amy Johnson a famous female pilot.

This week you are going to find out about Amelia Earhart. 

Click below for your lesson.


Our class text for the next few weeks is Mr Majeika by Humphrey Carter.

Listen to chpater 1 of the story and try and follow the text.

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