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Wednesday 29th April 2020

Good Morning Year 6! wink

Once again we are halfway through the week.

At times the day/week seems to drag but then, before we know it, another week has flown by!


I have received some lovely photos of you doing various activities - take a look at Seth's science; rainbow colour. (see the photo slideshow)


How fabulous to see Adam in his Scouts uniform (and Mark and his Dad) at:

Sunday's St George's Days Virtual Parade. Scout members were invited to watch past parades and videos showing other activities during the lock-down. They ended by renewing their Scouting promise. Adam's Dad joined the boys as he is the Assistant District Commissioner. It was a good opportunity to revisit the Scouting community and it's values. (see the photo slideshow)

So let's start the morning with some morning maths and consolidate prior learning from Y5 and Y6.

Prior Learning: The Same Difference - (ignore the date on the front cover)

Exploring difference and using related subtraction facts to help children in Y5 and Y6 to become more fluent in calculation.

Wake Up, Shake Up - get set for the day with Joe Wicks


Lesson 3 - Step 6 - Angles in a triangle - special cases

This is "Lesson 3 - Step 6 - Angles in a triangle - special cases" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love...


I had contacted the King Richard III centre in Leicester for us to visit as an end of term and end of project visit for Crime and Punishment, but obviously had to cancel when schools and public venues closed. They have recently sent me some links and some ideas for you to carry out and summarise your learning and conclude the topic.


What do we remember about King Richard III?

If you have forgotten some of the facts do not worry as you can watch the clip below to refresh your memory.


Then I would like you to complete the worksheet and after gathering lots of facts, I would like you to write a balanced argument about Richard III - was he a decent and honourable person, or not? There are many different versions of events in history - some of these are discussed in the clip so you can pinch some ideas from there. You can do your own research as well.


You can write your balanced argument on paper, on a PowerPoint, or however you wish to record it: a poster or 2 separate ones, a leaflet divided in 2 - for and against/pros and cons about Richard III - however you wish to present your argument/s.


We are going to start this work today and continue it on Thursday (and Friday too if you wish) - so you have plenty of time to plan ideas, gather information, research further independently, edit and improve before you write your final balanced argument.


Think about persuasive language and the features of a balanced argument - you could search for examples online.

Features of a balanced argument - look at the examples of phrases you could include in your balanced argument. (You could change 'scientists' for 'historians') Make sure you write one negative idea; try to support it with evidence and facts from history, and then one positive thing about Richard III.

Watch the clip (you may need to do this a couple of times to take in all the facts. Or watch once, then watch again and pause with each fact) Rex Factor the Animated Show: Richard III

A rip-roaring ride through the life of King Richard III. The show brings to life the internationally successful history...




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