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Monday 17/01


Some of you may have covered this lesson on Thursday last week. But at school, the children found it quite tricky, so we are going to go back over it today and you can complete any questions if you didn't finish them and I have added some extras if you want to try more. 

Extra maths questions


Last week we were writing a mini chapter for 'Diver's Daughter'. The children at school felt they needed some more time to finish writing this. Please complete your story today and if it is finished, work on improving it and editing, ensuring you have used subordinate clauses and clear punctuation. 


Today we are going to read about and do some work about WORLD RIVERS. 

1. Please read the powerpoint below. 

2. Complete the World Map - label the rivers; you may need to use Google map or an Atlas for this - (see document below)

3. Choose one favourite fact, either from the ppt or from your own research and write a fact for each river in a table - see document below




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