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Block 5b - SEND - Dyslexia Awareness Part 2


This block is made up of 5 modules to be undertaken in order. The whole block will take approximately 60 minutes to complete. You do not need to complete all modules in one sitting.

Module 1: Literacy

Module 2: Maths

Module 3: Emotional Impact

Module 4: Memory, Organisation and Concentration

Module 5: Technology

Each module consists of videos to watch and reflections to undertake.


On completion of this block you will:

  • Have gained essential knowledge in how to support dyslexia in a general education setting
  • be empowered to employ evidence-based practices to assist learners with dyslexia
  • Have built awareness of the impact dyslexia can have for students in different content areas, and other aspects of life
  • Learnt to maximize the use of digital tools when and where it makes the most sense to meet diverse learning needs


Click here to access the course.

At the end you can undertake a quiz and receive certification by logging in to your Office 365 account if you have one but this is not necessary.

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