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Block 6c - Maths - Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract - With Negative Numbers and Algebra


Prior to starting this block it would be useful to gather some manipulatives when you are in school to take home and use alongside this. Suggestions are: multi-link cubes, plastic cups, counters, Base 10 (Dienes). (These are not compulsory).

There are a number of modules to work through in order:

  • Introduction to CPA
  • Forming Expressions
  • Adding Negatives
  • Subtracting Negatives
  • Substitution
  • Collecting Like Terms
  • Rearranging Formulae
  • Solving One-step Equations
  • Solving Two-step Equations Part 1
  • Solving Two-step Equations Part 2

You should allow about 15 minutes per module. There is a video to watch which asks you to pause at various times to consider/try a question before continuing. There is also a very good accompanying workbook (below) which can be printed out at home or collected from the school office (or posted to you if you are not in) to use alongside this (this is not compulsory but recommended). You can stop, pause and return between modules. You mark each module complete online as you progress.


On completion of this block you will be better able to support and teach the above aspects of Number and Calculation to children of all ages and abilities; making effective use of concrete resources, pictorial models and abstract representations.


To access this block you will need to receive a unique invite. These will be emailed out shortly but please email Richard: with the subject line 'Maths' if you are ready to begin this block but haven't yet received your personalised invite. The invite will contain full instructions to access the training which can be found here.

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