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Monday 1st


How to upload several pictures in one Journal post e.g photos of several pages of Maths for one piece of Maths work.

Create one separate Journal entry for each piece of work each day.



Good morning Year 5!

We've got the next development in transportation to look at this week.  We leave the water ways behind and will be looking at the railways and some significant people involved in the engineering of the trains and railway network.

In Maths we are continuing our learning about fractions, comparing and ordering them.  Everything is broken down into small steps, so watch the videos and listen to the input carefully from the White Rose videos and my input.

In English we have some classical poetry and comprehension based around your learning on railways.

Remember to use Seesaw this week to send me your work.  It's really exciting seeing your journals build with your work.  I'm also liking sending you feedback directly to you.  We also have our live Zoom times.  I will post in Seesaw what the purpose of the session will be - maybe a Maths or English focus and then a social session too.


This week is Children's Mental Health Week. We will have some activities and focus on this important issue throughout the week. Mental health in children also includes parents mental health and the following website supports parents and children:- 

Year 5 – Monday 1st February 2021

Morning starter



20 mins independent reading

Zoom– 11am






Mindfulness through yoga.

Mental Maths warm up


Mixed numbers to improper fractions

From a Railway Carriage.


Classic poem comprehension



The incredible adventures of Professor Branestawm

Chapter 6


Monday slide

The history and development of the Railways.



Start your day with a some time to clear your mind and spend a moment focussing on you.  Take 3 deep breaths - in for 4, hold for 4, slowly release for 4 (just as we do together in our hall sessions).  When you're ready, join the zen den from cosmic kids.  This session is a story that explains our feelings and reactions when we are finding our work challenging.  As we continue to learn remotely this story has a really important message about perseverance Close your eyes, focus on the calm and reassuring words.




        ► Mental starter

Mixed numbers to improper fractions

Mrs Dunford explains the work further.

Blue challenge - complete up to question 4.

Green challenge - complete all questions.

Purple challenge - complete all questions and continue onto the challenge below.




Today we are going to complete a reading comprehension about a classic piece of poetry called 'From a Railway Carriage' by Robert Louis Stevenson.

The first thing I want you to do is watch/listen to the video of Michael Rosen (of Chocolate cake fame) performing the poem.  This will really help you understand the rhyme and rhythm of the poem.

Establishing a good understanding of the poem today will help you in English tomorrow.

From a Railway Carriage | Robert Louis Stevenson | Kids' Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

Mrs Dunford explains the lesson.



The Incredible adventures of Professor Branestawm - Chapter 6





Today we are going to learn about the development of the railways.  Please watch and listen to the information in the video I've recorded for you below.

You then have the following activity:

1)  The first page on the PDF has 6 different groups of people who may use the railways.  Read and discuss each of the facts shown on the Rail Travel Cards ‘A’ cards, deciding which ones describe benefits for the people shown on the Rail Travel cards ‘B’ cards. Some of the fact cards describe benefits for more than one of the people shown.  If you are able to print these pages off, you can cut up and sort these cards into groups, take a photograph and upload it to Seesaw.  Or you can use the tools in Seesaw to type a label for each group of people, then write underneath the labels from 'A' cards for that group.  Then using Seesaw or on the sheet, write up the benefits for for each group.


Mrs Dunford talks about the Railways and explains the work.

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