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Welcome to a New Year! 


I hope you have had a wonderful break!

This term we are going to learn so much this term and I am so excited about it, as it is one of my favourite topics to teach  We will do as much as we can together and I am here to help if you need it! 


Please remember that you don't need to print everything, writing the answers on sheets of paper are fine and I have put the lessons on for this week (which are very similar to what we are doing in school) and I am looking forward to getting emails to tell me how you are doing with the work and how you are getting on. 


Miss Kaur 




Math's starter!

English / PSHE 


It's a New Year! 

I have set two tasks for you today, 

Task 1 - Reading comprehension about how the New Year is celebrated in different parts of the world (the answers are at the end of the PDF document).


Task 2 - Reflect on last year and make 'resolutions' for the New Year. 

Mine this year is to drink more water! You all know how bad I am... 


What is your New Years resolution? 


I have attached both documents below for you to have a go... 


This lesson we are going to do a landscape drawing, it will link to our topic 'Settlers' which is where people chose to a set place to stay. 


I've found a video to help you to draw the landscape picture.

Please send me a picture to show me what you created! 

How To Draw a Landscape

Here is a fun art lesson for kids on how to draw a landscape.

Story time

The Christmasaurus - Miss Kaur

I was brave and recorded myself reading The Christmasaurus for you! Sit back and enjoy... I tried hard to read it well for you, but I did get a little nervous.

Miss Kaur’s assistant while uploading videos

School Updates