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Monday 30th March 2020

MONDAY 30.3.2020

Good Morning - I hope you all had a lovely weekend.


So today we start the day with practising the 7x and 9x tables as well as the inverse division facts.

You can use both pen and paper as well as go on Times Tables Rockstars.



Read the RE short story. Discuss with an adult what you think the moral of the story is.                         Record both your ideas and your adults ideas in your exercise book. 

Learning question: Why should we bother to improve ourselves or endeavour to improve the lives of others? What impact does it have? What are the benefits? 

Then, list 2 things you are going to change today which will have a greater impact on your day.                 Next, list 2 things you will try to change this week and predict what positive impact it will have on you or your family. 



Next, select and practise 10 different words from the Y5/6 word list - I would like you to choose 10 words that you can morph by adding either a prefix or a suffix, then use the morphed version of the word in a sentence. In that sentence you must use at least one other figurative language or sentence structure skill you know is a good element to include.


Challenge/tricky spellings for those who have completed the word lists already:

  1. Embroidery 2. Inconsiderate 3. Evidential 4. Identification 5. Inconsiderable                                                             6.Victorious 7. Mandatory 8. Obligatory 9. Territorial 10. Auditorium


Plus, 20mins on Spelling Shed or Spelling Frame. (links on last Monday's page or main Y6 web page).


For Fluent in Five today I would like you to try these:


Choose one of the maths sections from one of your 2 XL A4 CGP maths books to complete.

Complete any of the ratio lessons not yet done from last week. Look back at the link from last week.





Flashback: revisit and rehearse compact division; dividing by 2-digit numbers and writing remainders as decimals.


PE: is to continue with Joe Wicks - you can carryout the lesson live in the morning or go back online this afternoon and play the recorded version. Do it twice if you wish!

Or use one of links for the sites we have previously visited in PE lessons in school Look back to last Monday for the links.

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