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Friday 22nd May 2020

Good morning Year 4! 

Welcome to the LAST day of the 1st half of the summer term! 

Well I want to start by saying how proud I am of you, you have all worked incredibly hard over the last term in such strange circumstances! Thank you for sending me lots of pictures and updates of how you are doing! It has been lovely to see pictures and hear from you all. 

I have something for you all... 


Now, our plan today follows what we would usually do in school before a half term break... I hope you enjoy the day. See you soon! 


Miss Kaur 


Our plan: 

Morning work - mystery spellings 

English - Writing your saga 

Maths - Ordering decimals 

Afternoon - FILM FRIDAY! 

A message from Mrs Ellul

A message from Mr Hill

Spelling Test 


Mystery spelling test YAYYYYYY! (I'm sure you're not as enthusiastic as I am) 


1. misunderstood 

2. disbelief 

3. friend 

4. unlucky 

5. forgetful 

6. accidentally 

7. grammar 

8. popular 

9. past 

10. although

11. water 

12. question 


Good luck and let me know how you've done! 


Today is kind of like a big write, but a little different... 


I want you to sit down somewhere comfortable and write your tale, when you feel the need to take a break or want to, you can add an illustration/picture in your story to show what is happening... 


Take your time and remember to use lots of adjectives to describe the setting and verbs and adverbs to describe what is happening. 


This is my story opening...

Storm clouds gathered in the distance, shrouding the purple-heather mountains, which loomed over the island, bringing with them a sense of foreboding. Feeling uneasy, Vidar turned his eyes away from the gloomy scene and looked west towards to the sea and its endless horizon. It would not be long before the gentle waves that swooshed at Vidar’s feet were whipped into frenzy by the forthcoming storm. Time and daylight were running out; he turned his eyes to the shoreline and scanned for driftwood or anything else that he could take back to father. His sack was nearly full yet there was room for a few more pieces - anything that would keep the family warm during the tempest which was fast approaching.


Hauling his heavy firewood-sack over his shoulder, Vidar turned one last time to the sea. “Oh Aegir,” he prayed, “mighty god of the sea. Keep us safe.” He was about to move on when a movement, far away, caught his eye: a boat, heading towards the island. He watched as the ocean-steed galloped across the waves, so fast its hull scarcely touched the water. Embellished cloth upon a mast, oars and what appeared to be a dragon at the bow. A dragon? This was no neighbourly fishing boat back from a successful trip. This was dread and tumult and it was sailing straight towards Vidar.


Today you will be ordering decimals, remember to read the question carefully as it could be in ascending or descending order! 


As always go through the Powerpoint Presentation and only complete the extension if you want to. 


So it would have been my plan to go into the studio and watch How to Train Your Dragon... 


So today, you have a choice of watching any film you want! 

Sit back and relax and enjoy the movie! 


Declan’s audio file

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