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Foundation Stage Maths and English


Today we are going to revise the ar sound.

Watch the ar programmes and then have a go at the tasks.

Geraldine the Giraffe learns the /ar/

Phase 3 Phonics | ar Digraph

Can you write these words when a grown-up says them?

Remember to segment the words into their sounds to help you.











Can you find all the ar words? Listen to a grown-up read the story and every time you hear an ar word jump up and down and shout ar!


Today we are going to recap the number pairs that make 10.


I Can Say My Number Pairs that make 10.


Draw a ten frame on a piece of A4 paper like the one below.








Use objects like pieces of pasta that fit in each space of the ten frame. You will need 10 pieces. Or you could make the ten frame on the picture of a bus and make 10 pictures of people to sit in each part (see the examples below) It is important that your child understands that there are 10 spaces.

Play the pairs that make 10 game.

First person picks up some of the objects and puts each object  on a space on the ten frame and counts how many and says the the number. Write the number

Second person puts the rest of the objects on the ten frame counting as they place them on the spaces. Says the number and writes it.

We now have two numbers that make 10. Say the two numbers that make 10 . For example 2 and 8 make 10.

You could also record as an addition. 2 + 8 = 10

Repeat with different numbers.


Here is a ten frame activity. The sheet doesn't have to be printed you could draw the ten frames for your child.

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