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If you cannot access your Times Table Rockstar account for various reasons, see sheets below - print off or write the calculations on paper.



Multiply by 10 100 and 1000

BLUE and GREEN work

This is an area Y6 need to work on - even the confident mathematicians.

Last term, when we completed our NTS assessments, this is an area that needs re-visiting.


Remind yourself of the rules about rounding - most of you knew this, but when it came to decimals there was some confusion. Keep to the rule!


Read the reminder/instruction sheet and then have a go at rounding the calculations.

Make sure you take GREAT notice of which column the question is asking you round.


Can you complete this independently?



     Wash your hands.

     Time for 20 minutes fresh air and exercise.

     Go to the toilet before you sit back down to work.

     Wash your hands.



Reading, Handwriting and Punctuation - all in one go!
English - Reading Comprehension (adults - answers included - make sure they don't peek! wink)
Everybody read this text.
Blue work:
Green and Purple work:


     Don't forget to wash your hands.

     Eat well, drink plenty of fluids.

     Go to the toilet before you sit back down to work.

     Wash your hands!



Read your school reading book, or a book of your choice - maybe one connected to our topic about 'changes', or listen to me being a storyteller!

This afternoon we will continue with the topic work given yesterday as, from the communication from parent e-mails, most of you are still at the research stage and are gathering facts in order to then write your persuasive speech. Carry on researching facts about your cause/issue and then persuade me!


When you have written your speech, read it out loud to an adult, then edit and improve your first draft.

How can you make it more powerful, more persuasive - can you make others believe in your cause and agree with your opinion?


Next:  can you use your sketching and shading techniques to create a placard or sign, just like Greta did - one which supports your point of view?

Think about your key message - this needs the largest lettering, in the most prominent position on your sign. What would be a striking colour to make then look?

Then, what images would clearly help people understand your point of view?

They need to be quite large, eye-catching - not titchy little images in the corner.

Have a look at your recycling items - can you make a placard.

Turn a cereal box inside out so you have the plain inside, if you do not have paper or card at home - or  maybe you and your adults can find something better. Ask first!

Take a photo of you with your protestors face next to your placard/sign.

If your adults can record you and e-mail it to me, that would be wonderful.

I could put it on the Y6 webpage for everyone to enjoy - you can hear other Y6 protestors and see if they can get you to agree with them.

Best drama performances needed! smiley

You've worked so well today, you must deserve some relaxation to improve your well-being.

It's always hard doing school work after a holiday and the first couple of days getting back into school routines are tough.

Get yourself in a comfortable position, lay your head down on the table.

Take 5 very slow and deep breaths in and then slowly out.

Try to switch part of your body off and clear your mind.

Listen to the music and listen to your slow breathing..

Take some time out just to enjoy relaxing and doing nothing.



Look after your mental health - look after you!

You're worth it!

Beautiful Relaxing Music * Peaceful Piano Music & Guitar Music | Sunny Mornings by Peder B. Helland

Beautiful relaxing music by Peder B. Helland. Enjoy peaceful piano music and guitar music ("Sunny Mornings" ) with birds singing in the background.

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