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Today we are thinking about flowers.


What is your favourite flower and why?


Can you create a beautiful piece of artwork of your favourite flower? It could be a painting, a drawing or even a collage.

All in the Golden Afternoon - Alice in Wonderland

I have attached this video because it contains many different flowers that you may see in your garden at home. Can you name them?



Today we are thinking about real and fake words.


Follow this link, select phase 3 and choose any sounds that you recognise. Read the words, sort them into real in the treasure chest and fake in the bin. 

We always like dancing along to this game at school.


You can sign up to Phonics Play for free at this time with the username march20 and the password home .



Today we are thinking about symmetry. 


Watch the video below and then follow the link to this game which asks children to identify symmetrical pictures.

Symmetry and Symmetrical Figures

Reveal the mystery behind symmetry in this magical world, where a hidden treasure awaits you! Visit us at for follow up activit...

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