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Monday 30th March 2020

Good morning Year 4

Monday 30th March 


Hello Year 4! 

I hope you all had a restful and fun weekend! 

Did anyone else wake up confused cause of the clock change? 

I woke up thinking it was early... Turns out it wasn't... 


For all of my wonderful learners, our plan for today is: 

Maths - Division

English - word meaning work/mystery story

Topic - Pyramids 

RE - Easter story

Story time - Choose your own story / Peter Picker - The World's Worse Children (


I hope that you enjoy the learning, please remember to start your day with the Joe Wicks PE lesson and end it with a diary entry about home learning. 

For example, mine today (Sunday) would say 

'Dear Diary, 

Urgh the weather is awful again! What happened to the lovely sunshine? This weekend has been so irritating, my brother will be staying with us for the foreseeable and decided that it was a good time for him to put up new lights in our kitchen.... So much mess... So much noise... So annoying! 
But I have to give it to him, he's done a good job and it kept me busy for a few hours...' 

Maths starter

Maths learning task - division

Still image for this video
Please watch the video below for today's Math's lesson

Please answer the questions on the back of the sheet below, 

remember to use the strategies shown in the video clip. 


(please note method two is not the strategy shown in the clips and is not what is expected from them during this lesson)  



Word meaning task 


Look at the words below, check you know the meanings of each of them. 

Can you use them in a sentence? 

If you are uncertain, can you check using a dictionary... 


English - Mystery story

Sit back and listen carefully to the story I'm about to tell....

Please create a mind map like the one below to figure out which well known story mine is based on.... 


Please remember to use capital letters, and write ON the line

Have a guess and let me know which one you think it is! 

(I'll let you know tomorrow) 



First I would like you to read the information from the pyramid sheet in your pack (shown below) 


I would then like you to label the different sections within the tomb (sheet shown below) 



Finally I would like you to think carefully about what you would want to take with you to the afterlife. 

As you know, the Ancient Egyptians wanted to take everything and anything valuable to them... 

What is important and valuable to you? 


For me.... I'd need my bed and pillow (a good one is hard to find!), I'd need my Koala teddy, my iPhone and a collection of really good books! 


Write down and draw your items... 



Please read through the PDF document all about the Easter Story, and then create your own comic strip to show the events that took place. 

You can use a 6 block or 8 block to create your comic strip and I have attached a PDF you might want to copy/print to help you organise your comic strip. 

Remember to write a little description at the bottom of the page to explain what has happen. 

(I've attached an example that I found online) 

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