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Today we are continuing our work on comparing height.


Take the children outside and put into groups of 3.


Ask them to place themselves in order from shortest to tallest. Encourage children to discuss with their group and use language such as "you are taller, I am shorter".


Once they have done this explain that they are also in order from tallest to shortest if you put them at the other end of the line.


Then put the children into groups of 5 and repeat the activity.


Then ask the whole class to work together to create a line from tallest to shortest. 


Please take a picture and post on Tapestry so that we can share with all of the parents.

Home Learning PE


The children in school are doing PE with Mr Pick today. There is a link below for a workout with Joe Wicks so that the children at home can join in too.

PE With Joe 2021 | Wednesday 27th Jan

Home Learning Music


The children in school are doing music with Mrs Timson today.


I have posted a video below for you to join in at home. The children copy the rhythms modelled by the video and join in.

Clap Clap | Rhythm Lesson no.3 | Fun-Keys4Kids | London | Learn Music Theory Online | Piano | Guitar

Story Time

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